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Our Diverse Team

Client Centered

Intelligent Investment Management, LLP was founded in 1997 after G. Stephen (Steve) Wheeldon had spent many years working for clients as a CPA and financial planner. He came to the realization that each investment advisory firm he had worked with had its own agenda; which in most cases did not align well with the financial goals and objectives of the clients. There was a better way to provide investment management services to individuals. It is an approach that is focused on helping each client achieve their long-term financial needs, goals and concerns. It includes:

  • A fiduciary obligation putting clients' interests first
  • No hidden commissions or fees (competitive fee-only compensation)
  • Independence from any Wall Street firm or investment company
  • Full and completely transparent disclosure ensuring no conflicts of interest
  • Client investment portfolios that include the same investments as the Firms owners' portfolios

Pictured from left to right:
Steve Wheeldon, Laura Vaughan, Jeannie Wheeldon and James Brost.

Steve Wheeldon

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer

(970) 403-1234

Steve has been providing comprehensive financial planning services in Durango, Colorado since he became a Certified Financial Planner™ professional (CFP®) in the 1980s. Steve's first career as a CPA was focused on income and...

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James Brost

Co-Chief Investment Officer and Chief Operations and Compliance Officer

(970) 403-1234

James is a general partner of Intelligent Investment Management, LLP.In 2012, James became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP®) which required meeting the rigorous academic and ethical...

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Jean Wheeldon

Chief Financial Officer


Jeannie, a 5th generation Durango Native, is a General Partner of Intelligent Investment Management, LLP and is Chief Financial Officer. She has worked behind the scenes keeping the business running smoothly since October of 1996. A...

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Laura Vaughan

Firm Administrator

(970) 403-1234

Laura joined Intelligent Investment Management, LLP in January of 2016 as Firm Administrator. Laura has built a financial services career that spans some 20 years, with a focus on client service. She will be responsible for client...

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Stephenie Brost

Art Director and Communications

Stephenie has worked with Intelligent Investment Management since its inception providing branding and creative support for the IIM team. Stephenie has a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree, with an emphasis in Graphic Design from California...

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Helen Gregory

Marketing and Operations assistant


Helen’s career has encompassed many avenues: music, theatre, acting, writing, teaching, bookselling and now she’s entered the world of finance. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music from the University of Arizona as...

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Hannah Gould

Operation Specialist

(970) 403-1234

Hannah joined Intelligent Investment Management, LLP in August of 2023 as Operation Specialist. Hannah is beginning her financial career and is responsible for client service and assisting firm administration Laura Vaughan. ...

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