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Your Financial Planner-September

Your Financial Checklist   

Since the kids are back to school, now is a good time to review and go over your financial plan for the rest of 2021. Take a moment to check the boxes of what you may have missed earlier in 2021. September is a "catch up month", with the only deadline for taxes being:

Sept. 15: Third Quarter 2021 Estimated Tax Payment Due: Make a payment of your 2021 estimated tax if you’re not paying your income tax for the year through withholding.

It's also open enrollment season-that time of year to review and reevaluate employee benefits (HSA, 401k) offered through your employer. Take the time to adjust and update your coverage to suit the needs of you and your family.  Talk to your Financial Adviser on how you can maximize your benefits that contribute to your total financial picture.

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Women and Finances

Women and Money

Women and Money

Did you know that women hold 51% of all personal wealth in the USA and contribute up to 80% of all consumer spending? And that female headed households are more likely to contribute to charities and non-profit organizations? But, statistics show that women are 25% less confident than men in making financial decisions for themselves and their families.

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Women on the Rise

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Life's changing events

Life's changing events

Intelligent Investment Management, LLP can assist you in creating a financial plan that can help you gain confidence in creating and maintaining a portfolio that can see you through and plan for many life-changing events.

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