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Your financial Planner-November

Your Financial Planner-November 

With the holidays coming upon us, now is the time to plan for any year end expenses and to review where you stand, financially: 

Make the most of your 401(k). Rule number one if you have an employer-sponsored retirement plan: Contribute at least enough to capture any match that your employer provides. Next, optimize your investments. Your plan may offer a target-date fund, which comes with a preset asset allocation that adjusts to reduce market risk as you approach retirement. It’s a low-maintenance choice that works well for many savers. But if your 401(k) has a healthy selection of low-cost investments, you may earn better returns by customizing a portfolio. Also check whether your company offers a Roth 401(k) option. Roth contributions are taken from your paycheck after taxes, but withdrawals are tax-free in retirement.

Choose a health insurance plan. Your employer will likely initiate open enrollment for benefits in the coming weeks; it is also the season when you can pick a plan from the individual market and Medicare. Evaluate your options to get the best medical care at the lowest cost. And it’s a good time to schedule any medical appointments that you need before the end of the year, especially if they’re covered as preventive care or you’ve met your deductible for 2021.

Make an appointment with your Intelligent Investment Financial Advisor to review and/or update your plan:

Plan your holiday spending: take advantage of these buying days to maximize your dollars spent. Shop early as supply chain disruptions and backups are still happening.

Thanksgiving, November 25, 2021

Celebrate Thanksgiving

After a year of isolation and confinement, take this time to reach out to friends and family that you may not have seen for many months. Thanksgiving is a time for expressing gratitude and appreciation to those close to you and to friends and family that live far away. Thanksgiving is the day to say thanks for all you have and to spread love, joy and kindness to those that may be struggling at this time.