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Your Financial Planner-February 2023

Your Financial Checklist for February 

Organize your tax documents

  • Get your paperwork in order by gathering your W2's, interest and dividend statements, and other tax documents as soon as they are received, usually by the first week of February. 
  • Schedule an appointment with your CPA or organization that prepares your tax paperwork to get your taxes ready for filing.
  • File electronically, for faster processing of your refund if receiving one this year.

Make a financial plan for 2023

  • Check your 401k to see your progress and make a plan to increase your contributions in 2023
    • You can funnel $22,500 into your 401(k), 403(b) and other such plans for 2023, up from the $20,500 limit in 2022. Employees 50 and older can contribute an extra $7,500, up from $6,500 in 2022.
  • Schedule your 2023 IRA contributions
    • The maximum total annual contribution for all your IRAs combined is:  Tax Year 2023 - $6,500 if you're under age 50 / $7,500 if you're age 50 or older.

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Tuesday February 14, 2023

National Days to celebrate

President's Day   

President's Day   

Monday, February 20th   

Did you know that: 

in 1971

Richard Nixon (37th U.S. President) finally implemented the Uniform Monday Act. This was proposed by Robert McClory (U.S. Representative) who said that moving all Bank Holidays to Monday would motivate workers since it would give them a three-day weekend.  Washington's birthday was changed to a Monday which was in the middle of Lincoln and his birthday. Thus for many, it came to be known as Presidents' Day.

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National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day

Thursday, Febraury 9th

Who doesn't love a gooey, cheesy slice of fresh baked pizza? Pizza has an interesting history in the United States and is one its most popular and ordered food items. Celebrate this day by ordering a pizza-thin crust, thick crust, Chicago, Detroit, New York style or buy making one at home-the possibilities are endless!

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