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Your Financial Planner-February 2022

Your Financial checklist for February

Flowers, chocolates and financial talk. That's what February brings! 

  • File your tax return.  By the end of January, your 1099 and W-2 tax forms should be in the mail. Avoid a last minute scramble and submit your tax return NOW. Acting early may also prevent identity thieves from using your Social Security number to file a fake return and claim a refund.
    • Talk to your accountant AND financial advisor about the tax documents you'll need in order to file your taxes in a timely manner.
  • Talk finances with your spouse or significant other. Unromantic as it may sound, sitting down with your partner to talk finances is key to a more fulfilling and maybe longer lasting relationship.
    • Longtime couples are wise to have regular money talks to stay on the same page about their budget, investments and goals.
    • Contact your Intelligent Investment Management advisor to schedule a meeting. 
    • Contact your financial advisor here.

America saves week February 21-25, 2022

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Learn about the makings of Valentine's Day.

The History of Valentine's Day

Days to Celebrate in February

National Love Your Pet Day
February 20th

National Love Your Pet Day on Sunday, February 20th

Bring your pet a special treat, take an extra-long walk or give them more attention.

Other ideas include:

-Check that their vaccines are up to date.

-Watch a pet video with them full of cats, dogs and other critters. 

-Give them a few extra strokes with the brush while grooming. 

-Practice their favorite commands – sit, shake, rollover. 

-Play their favorite game or bring out their best toy.

-Inspect their toys to make sure they’re in good shape. Throw out any broken toys. 

-Wash their bedding, even if it’s not their laundry day. Let them fluff it up just the way they like it. 

National Send a Friend a Card Day               Sunday, February 7th

National Send A Card To A Friend Day

on February 7th

This special day reminds us to send friendly cheer through the mail by sending a note or message on a card to the friends we hold dear. Throughout the year, we often think about our friends. We wonder how they are, miss them and remember fond memories of times shared. 

Sending a card to someone for a variety of reasons dates back to ancient times. The Chinese would send elegantly designed messages as well as the Egyptians, though on different types of paper. During the Renaissance, greeting cards gained popularity for specific holidays and events. Victorian times increased the use of the greeting card for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and more. 

All the facts would add up to a faster fading “Just Thinking of You” type of card. However nice it is to receive sweet text, wouldn’t it be less of a chore to go to the mailbox if occasionally you found a notecard from a friend?