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Our Philosophy

The investment decisions that drive our management of each portfolio are based on the initial, as well as the on-going client conversations which are focused on each client’s unique goals. After reviewing the long-term expectations and underlying risks associated with investing, an investment portfolio allocation is agreed upon. The portfolio allocation to both equity and income investments is outlined in an Investment Policy Statement, or "road map". That "road map" is then followed to reach the combination of wealth accumulation, preservation of principal and distribution goals that have been identified. Typical client goals generally fall into these broad categories:

Retirement Planning - with an emphasis on income tax efficiency in both the accumulation and distribution phases.

Education Funding - be it private schools, college or post-graduate studies.

Women's Life-Style and Financial Needs - financial concerns for women today are extremely important. Many of our clients are women who rely on us to help them with their financial independence and security to make sure they do not outlive their money.

Life Planning - a first home or a retirement home, world travel, charitable causes, starting a new business or covering health care costs for a family member. 

Eldercare Planning - making sure financial resources last for a lifetime, including long-term health care concerns for all family members. Client equity investments are primarily invested in exchange-traded closed-end mutual funds or CEF’s that form an actively managed and risk-averse globally diversified portfolio. We believe that actively managed CEF’s can provide superior total returns to other types of fund investments. These CEF’s can be purchased on the open market, often at a significant discount to net asset value, thereby adding value to each client’s broadly diversified portfolio.  We invest the fixed income portion of each client’s portfolio in a diversified mix of FDIC insured certificates of deposit and investment grade corporate bonds, maturing serially over a three-to-ten-year period. This “bond ladder” approach consistently produces favorable long-term returns without the risk inherent in long-term bonds. The "bond ladder" is supplemented by alternative income investments in preferred stocks, global utility funds, convertible bond funds and an energy MLP. The combined income portfolio provides stability to the total portfolio as well as significant cash flows needed for distribution to clients. We believe that this total return active management approach to management of both equity and income investments creates meaningful long-term, risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

As an independent Registered Investment Adviser, registered with the Colorado Division of Securities, our services are provided without the conflict of interest inherent in dealing with commission based advisors. As independent fee-only advisors and CFP® professionals we act as a fiduciary for our clients; exhibiting at all times professionalism, time-tested knowledge gained from years of industry experience and the honest integrity needed to make the best investment decisions possible at any given time.