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March Newsletter


February 28, 2019

“Disruptive Innovation”

Several weeks ago, I traveled to San Diego to attend the TD Ameritrade Institutional annual conference.  I arrived to cold, wet and windy weather, that I believe followed me home and brought snow and more snow to the Four Corners area!

The conference is designed to educate Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) on new ideas and innovative tools to elevate our services and processes to “best practices” in the financial industry.   Our goal is to service our clients at the highest possible standard; the fiduciary standard, where we always put our clients’ needs first.  The theme of the conference, Disruptive Innovation, provided a platform for sharing these “best practices” on investment and retirement solutions, estate and college education planning and the technology used to achieve the best results. 

I attended a half day workshop on how to use a TD Ameritrade web-based interface to monitor client accounts, including real-time displays of retirement contributions and distributions, income tax documents, beneficiary information, trading activity, as well as archived notes and communications with clients.  If you have heard me say on the phone, “One moment, please”, I am checking pertinent information through this interface to get up-to-date accurate information regarding your personal accounts. 

There were opportunities to listen to showcase speakers, such as Andy Rothman an investment strategist from Matthews Asia Fund; he spoke about China/US relations and possible outcomes concerning trade wars and China’s place in the global economy.  Andy Rothman discussed how China is becoming a consumer-based goods and services population where previously they were categorized as a labor-force population; thus, repositioning them in the world as a country driven by consumption of global goods and services.  This certainly effects perspectives on trade relations and has impact on global markets.  Chris Dillion of T. Rowe Price presented “Navigating Global Disruptive Forces in Today’s Markets”.  His discussion focused on emerging markets and how developments in these countries and regions disrupt the balance of global economies.  

Of particular interest to me was an education seminar about understanding the needs and concerns of female investors.   Items covered were, how the needs of women differ from that of the male client, how lifespan varies for women and men and how to provide income and security in those years when women may be on their own with very specific needs. 

Lunches and dinners were more intimate gatherings, with one-on-one discussions with our regional representatives from TD Ameritrade, other advisors from around the country and sales representatives educating us on the latest and greatest software for use in our firm.  It becomes apparent after these conversations that Intelligent Investment Management is keeping pace with and in some cases is a stand out as a Registered Investment Adviser.

Once the conference is complete and everyone was pondering the many new and improved ideas and tools; connections were made, contact information was exchanged and good-byes were said.  We all head home in order to discuss and pursue the “Disruptive Innovations” and see how they will benefit our clients.  Back in the office, Steve and Jeannie, James and myself spend several hours discussing how these new ideas and innovations can play a positive role in the coming years.

In the foreseeable future, Intelligent Investment Management is preparing to make a substantial capital investment in state-of-the-art software that will improve internal functions concerning reporting, billing, protected vault access for sharing documents and ongoing security of communications.  Again, with the client in mind, this new software will produce quarterly statements that use charts and graphs and make it easy for you to see what is included in your portfolio. 

One very useful example of an improved tool that came out of the conference is the new redesigned “Advisorclient” website ( provided by TD Ameritrade Institutional to allow clients to login to their accounts and view balances, transactions, statements and retirement information.  Beginning, March 8, 2019, you will also be able to:  view existing bank or wire instructions, recurring deposit information and completed cash transactions of the last 90 days.  Please click this link:  to see a short video of what this interface can provide to you as our client. 

We are available for any questions or comments you may have, including other ideas on how to improve our services to you.  Please be sure to call our office, we are always happy to hear from you. 



Intelligent Investment Management, LLP


Laura Vaughan, FPQP®