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Welcome to Intelligent Investment Management, LLP

What We Do

What We Do

We listen to clients as we formulate their portfolio so that it can be designed to meet each client’s unique long-term goals and objectives. We know how hard you have worked to accumulate the money that we are entrusted to manage. We also know that fees of all types (either seen on the surface or buried within the underlying investment) can have a negative effect on long-term results. Therefore, we clearly disclose our fees and we strive to make investments in funds that have the lowest fees in the industry. 

  • As independent, fee-only advisors we are objective in our advice and the management of clients' investments.
  • We are a family owned and operated, boutique firm specializing in closed-end mutual funds which provide regular cash flow and solid long-term total returns.
  • Team members are service minded; we spend a great deal of time giving back to the Durango community through various charitable and service organizations.

If you have any questions, would like to learn more about our Firm or to schedule an appointment to get a “second opinion” about your investment portfolio, please contact James at (970) 403-1234.

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During These Dynamic Times

We are here for you.

As an essential business, we will continue to plan for your well-being, manage your portfolio, provide you with the highest level of service and guidance through these unprecedented times. 

We are accessible.

We are generally working from our homes and we are communicating regularly with clients through email, phone calls and online meetings. Our custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional, is also fully functional.

We are here to talk with you.

Everyone at our Firm is committed to seeing you through these changing and challenging times.

Information about COVID-19

Covid-19 Scams  - Scams related to Covid-19. Cyber-actors are ramping up malicious emails and fraudulent websites during this chaotic time. Visit the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the official website of the Department of Homeland SecurityHomeland Security COVID information

1. Think before you click.

-Don’t click on links from sources you don’t know. They could contain viruses.

2. Turn to official sources.

-Watch for emails claiming to be from public health experts. Go to the official website for the Center of Disease Control  and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO)

3. Vaccine Hoax Alert

-Ignore online or phone orders for vaccinations. There currently no vaccines or other products-prescription or over-the-counter-that treat or cure COVID-19.

4. Think Before you Give

-Do your homework before giving to charities or crowdfunding sites.

-Don’t let anyone rush you into making a donation.

 -If someone wants donations in cash, by gift card or by wiring money, just say no.

5. Don’t Share Your Personal or Financial Data

 -Via email or unsolicited phone call.

6. Turn On Auto Updates

-Keep your software up-to-date on your computer, smartphone and tablet to defend against viruses and hacking attempts.

Intelligent Investment Management, LLP, has certified with San Juan Basin Health, in writing, that as an essential business we will abide by their health and safety criteria. More information can be found about our certification for safe practices.

San Juan Basin Health Corona Virus Guidance

Words from Colorado's Governor: Jared Polis.

Colorado remains the only state in the Pacific or Mountain time zones -- the entire western half of the country -- that is seeing a steady decline in case counts. 

That is a testament to Coloradans continuing to take the pandemic seriously by taking the proper precautions: wearing masks, keeping our distance from others, practicing proper hygiene and protecting vulnerable populations like older Coloradans and those with underlying health conditions.

As the state continues to reopen, more of the burden is placed on individuals to do the right thing. We have to use common sense and consider the level of risk when participating in certain activities.

Before participating in an activity, Coloradans have an obligation to ask themselves:

  • How many other people will be participating in this activity?
  • Is the activity outside?
  • Can I put distance between myself and others?
  • How long will the activity take?
  • Do I feel 100% healthy?
  • How will I get there? Biking, walking, driving in a car are safer than public transportation.
  • Do I live with someone who is more vulnerable to COVID-19, and would be at high risk if I happened to bring the virus home?
  • And what is the value of this activity to me versus the risk I am taking?

Low Risk Activities: Camping, hiking, biking, outdoor exercise/activities or shopping outdoors at a farmer’s market.

Medium Risk Activities: Dining out, playing on the playground, shopping indoors or visiting a swimming pool.

Higher Risk Activities: Airline travel, concerts, attending worship services in-person, personal services, bars, gyms or large gatherings..

So please exercise personal responsibility, use common sense, and err on the side of caution.

Visit for more information about how we can continue to keep ourselves and each other safe and healthy.

Colorado COVID information


Client Centered

 Please don’t hesitate.  Contact our team.  

If you know people that could benefit from our style of "Intelligent Investment Management", please have them contact Steve Wheeldon at (970) 749-1125 or James Brost at (970) 749-1761 or by calling our office at (970) 403-1234.  We are conveniently located in downtown Durango.

We would like to listen and gain your trust, it's an honor to serve you!

Intelligent Investment Management, LLP   

Steve, James, Jeannie, Laura, Helen, Stephenie   

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